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09 November 2011

How am I going without smokes?

Pretty well actually.
I had my last one the night before the post was put in my jaw for the crown and that was three days ago now.
The dental surgeon has little idea about pain and analgesia and I have been using a combination of simple over the counter medications that work better in combination. So the pain, swelling, stitches have been assisting me to not really think about smoking.
Neither of us have as yet found it necessary to put a nicotine patch on although there are numerous packets of  gum or mints around the house. Time will tell, for me it will be on my return to work and as a couple we have a wedding to attend so there will be the demon drink and it always wants a smoke.

I will be honest and admit to any slip ups but at this stage we're going good. 

See you at the big One.


1 comment:

Tazambo said...

Good start Taz, keep it up