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Oh, there you are!

21 November 2011

Way too slow for my liking!

There doesn't have to be trauma galore but at least a quantity of work for starters please.

Four jobs all day and while I acknowledge that my attendance and the pts condition was very important to them I wanted more!
41M - Back pain.
97F - From Nursing home to a Rehab hospital.
81M - Back pain.
42F - Had some premature contractions that were settled at the nearest hospital to her and we transferred her to her own maternity hospital for further treatment.

I would start to think about food if I was really bored before but what with no smokes that was it I bought food, health food but not normal for me and I even fell asleep on the couch at station because we had done all the car and our station duties.

This is embarrassing  for me.


See you at the big One.


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