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18 November 2011

I am amused!

By several thing actually.
I know that this is a simplified version of the troubles I had with management or rather the watchdog of management, I can't identify myself. Which state do I live in or city because that may alert you to which ambulance service I work for. If you already know me that doesn't worry them because it's logical that you would because you probably work with me. Doesn't matter how proud I am of my job and the people I work with it's managements policy.
But several days off ago I get a phone call, off the official record asking if I was going to a media event in the future? Would I reconsider? There was a possible photo opportunity with the family member of a patient so it's OK to be identified in full uniform posed with a member of the public full name listed when it suits.

It has now been eleven days since the wife and I stopped smoking.
We are not wearing nicotine patches.
We are not putting on weight.
We are not suffering any obvious psychological or behavioural problems.
We have been exposed to a night of alcohol and didn't want to smoke.
We have been exposed to working days and days off during this time, boredom and activity.
We have not noticed any changes so far in either of our bodies.

Does hypnosis work if you fall asleep during the session?
She spent $10 and got a Stop Smoking by Hypnosis DVD. I hadn't seen it but she has. It was a wet ol' afternoon so I got it and put it on. Apparently I was snoring during it. I woke up at the end and don't feel any different so I don't know but it was boring so I'm not going to replay it.

See you at the big One.


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Lauren said...

Congrats to you and Ambo Wife for the extreme effort it takes in meeting your goal so far!