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Oh, there you are!

27 November 2011

Two extra jobs this shift but really!

32M - IP who stated that he was looking for the local cliff to jump off. Had asked directions???? Mr Police and me get called. Yes he has some issues and they only seem to surface while drunk or so the wife says. We transported a very nice, troubled guy to some help.
38F - IP who had an anxiety episode on the train. Fully resolved well before we arrived but her brother wanted her checked out?
16M - Lovely chap this one, full of piss an' wind and all the hallmarks of being a fruitful and successful member of society. Left in the care of the poor constabulary as we had nothing to offer him.
38M - Don't get in-between girls when they're fighting on the street drunk! Copped a stiletto in the ear for his troubles.
19F - IP, threatening self harm, had a 12cm (6") knife in her handbag. Transported.

See you at the big One.


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