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15 November 2011

Missed a shift.

Had a family wedding to attend and did a swap with someone and came back the next shift to,

37F - Depressed, just knew she needed to talk to someone.
Assist another crew.
??M - With a head injury, maybe, bystanders called and even told us the pt had left the scene. They followed him home and then waited for us. I am fully aware of the possible complications of a head injury. I am fully aware of concussion altered mental ability etc. I also respect independent free will and the sanctity of one's home and the right of an individual to decide if they need medical attention.
20M - Anxiety attack the co-workers thought was an asthma attack. I't wasn't and I cleared him to stay.
42M - Localised left shoulder pain that didn't appear to be atypical cardiac related and didn't want the go to hospital but will follow up with LMO and did have the two types of simple analgesia on hand that I recommend to take to get to sleep.
18M - Hearing voices, the booze, non compliance with medications and his confrontational aggressive behaviour towards the Police, Us, Hospital Staff and the general public meant this was only going to end up bad for him and lots of us were put in danger to protect the greater good of humanity. This is a story replayed over and over again on the News and current affair programs. None of us truly wish to deprive someone of their liberty by physical and chemical restraint but it has to happen sometimes.
41M - Well known frequent personality to us who work on the streets. Stranded in the city without money to catch a bus home. We take him to a waiting room for his safety and so his ?carer's? can collect him when it's light.
27M - Paranoid post taking LSD! Internal voice shouts 'SHIT DUDE THAT MEANS THE DRUGS ARE WORKING'  External voice reassures him that I am a Paramedic, I get my partner to put the beacons on to help prove it. A very sheepish young fella opens the door and agrees that if he feels like this maybe I should take him somewhere safe to be observed.
Young F - Fell backwards onto two thickly carpeted steps inside the house. As complete an examination as we are able to perform in the house finds no serious reason for the prolonged SOB she experienced that has now fully resolved and I believe that I am confidently able to diagnose she winded herself. Stayed at home.

See you at the big One.


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