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29 November 2011

New Week and new work.

It's the last week of the roster and G and I work all four of the last shifts.
It's been an enjoyable roster and we've had fun but the work has been short until today.
With a ride-a-long from our education centre the quality was so so but the quantity was there.

44M - Motor bike V Car, minor abrasion on the lower leg elected to self manage.
53M - Painful cellulitis.
53F - Pre Syncope episode on a crowded train and so she called us. Left to self manage after a calming chat.
91F - Fell two days ago and Hubby hadn't called us yet attempting to manage at home. Mobility was now a real issue and we Tx for an X-ray and there was a #.
87M - Multiple problems but mostly extreme lethargy, renal failure leading to beta blocker toxicity and severe bradycardia.
37F - Abdo pain. 28/40 gestation, a bit of a panic and call us Tx to Mums an' Bubs for a check up.
Sailor on a base gave himself a minor lac on the forehead and called us and the base medics. We got there first and cleaned it up and handed him over to them.
62F - ? Anaemia.
25F - Police were concerned after they saw all these little cuts on her arms and leg, new and old. Called us thinking it was a possible suicide attempt. I had a talk to her and she was pleased that I knew what they were, her control valve for her temper and moods with un-medicated bi polar disorder and addiction to heroin and cannabis that she's trying to kick, it was how she controls the rage. All understood now I left her be.
88M - Left groin pain not like a stone, idiopathic.

See you at the big One.


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