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06 November 2011

So what's happening with the blog?

Lots actually.
A lot of the content has disappeared, well everything has apart from the last two posts. They're not deleted but reverted to drafts so I can review each and every one and alter to meet the agreed upon format from my meeting with management.

Firstly I'm very pleased to say while not supported or endorsed by my employer in anyway they are happy with most of the content of the blog, it is obvious that I am very proud of what I do and I write in a positive and complimentary manner.

I must mystify myself more so that I may not be recognised by new readers or followers and to that end my profile has been altered I work in Australia and I'm a Paramedic. I can not have photo's of myself in uniform that may identify for whom I work and/or where I work. I am not to post any photo's that may identify what I look like out of uniform to again protect my confidentiality and safety and there by my patients.
I'm a little unclear on this one when I have been filmed several times in a reality TV series that identifies me but that was in a public place and I was not making comment but only doing my job and was approved by the powers at the time.

My comments are largely OK but I must be mindful of being misquoted, taken out of context or misinterpreted by the uninitiated to the word and phrase that most of us understand universally.

There will always be those that sit in the shadows and complain, hell I even have a gripe every now and then, it does good to get it off your chest but I happy that this matter is done an' dusted and this should be an end to it.

See you at the big One.


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