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Oh, there you are!

09 November 2011

No, that's not what I wanted!

More jobs came down but there was no quality!

66F - Hosp to Hosp transfer.
82M - Had a fall, got a black eye but refuse rational transport offer. This patient was able to display competency and capacity in deciding that he didn't want to go to hospital, he was able to believe and understand that 20% of his face was so badly swollen with the contusion that he couldn't open his eye. That the very slow drip from his nose was probably haemorrhage from the eye draining via the tear duct. He understood mine and the family's concerns for possible loss of vision, stroke or even death from inter cranial injuries but still refused. We were all involved in the discussion, pt, wife, adult children and us. The pt has the right to a bad choice.
43M - Hearing voices.
19M - Epistaxis from a friend.
26M - Drug effected.
25M - Drug effected.
19F - Alcohol effected.
89M - Assist to feet, no injury.

Got a shift swap during the days off to allow Ambowife and I to attend a wedding next month, these usually bring good work.

See you at the big One.


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