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Oh, there you are!

11 November 2011

That was a good shift.

A little bit of Mental Health.
A little bit of Tonsils.
A whole lot of drugs and a whole shift to play in.

21F - Drug induced psychosis in a unsafe environment, transported against her drug addled will for her safety and treatment. Saw her hours later after the drugs had worn off and she thanked me and apologised for being difficult, which I didn't think she was.
31F - Swollen angry throat, tonsillitis maybe? Transport so assessment.
49M - Drug induced dystonic movement concerning the Police in the charge room. Time will allow it to wear off so they kept him there under their observation.
82M - Very localised specific right sided chest pain, I think it is m,ore the chest wall or pleura.
35M - Sore chest after a coughing fit. I can say no more. I didn't transport.
91F - Sleepy. Discussion with not so concerned daughter as Mum had woken up and was normal when we arrived. It's nicer for Mum to stay at home.
37M - Got sprayed by the Police with Pepper Spray and we had to decontaminate. Surprisingly he openly admitted that he was misbehaving and had deserved to get sprayed.
54F - Mechanical face plant on the footpath. Two minor lacs and a few abrasions.
45M - Seizure. Midazolam and transport.
28F - More tonsils playing up. LMO already treating with ABs but they're not winning the battle. The surgeon might be needed.
83M - Hospital to Hospital transfer for treatment on a failing heart.

See you at the big One.


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