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Oh, there you are!

17 January 2012

50% transport.

Or of the five jobs two transports one cancelled and two stayed at home.

43M - Depressed in the Police docks wants to talk to a Psych nurse.
73M - Poorly perfused, tachycardia rapid AF and one vomit. A no brainer this on.
49F - Had a muscle cramp when getting out of bed. Some simple analgesia and a heat pack and see your own Dr in the morning if you think it's necessary!
18M - Being pursued by the Police, not as fast as he thought he was so he tries chucking a 'Fit', tough love Dude one of the Cops knows what a real seizure looks like and I confirm it, 'Your nicked son!'
18F - Very IP, her friends thought she was having a seizure. Nope she's just drunk, emotional and trying to vomit an empty stomach. 

Two more sleeps before I get the new bike!

See you at the big One.


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