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Oh, there you are!

14 January 2012

My partners rung in sick.

Well actually it's a Family & Carer's Leave day but that was too much of a mouthful to put in the title of the post so sick it became. Luckily we had a spare officer anyway so we worked together.
84F - Regular Dialysis.
49M - Discharge after diagnosis of a Pseudo Bowel Obstruction. Common presentation but I wonder do you treat it with a placebo enema?
68M - Pre syncope. Recent dental work that seems to have got infected.
49M - All of a sudden he can't walk. Social service abuse, if you want a feed and a bath with some clean cloths don't bung on a piss poor ailment and want to go to hospital there are specific men's hostels that provide that service. Again I'm tied by the tenet of you request I must transport. 
34F - Post ictal, first seizure for many years transported for investigation.
61F - Liver CA yet to commence Rx pain management is not working. Transport in for a review.
70F - Mechanical fall with a broke wrist outcome.

And that was our day along with a hour or two posing for photo's or taking them for tourists down at the harbour.

See you at the big One.


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