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Oh, there you are!

10 January 2012

 amoe·ba alsoame·ba \ə-'mē-bə\ n, pl -basor -bae \-(")bē\ [NL, genus name, fr. Gk amoibē change, fr. ameibein to change — more at migrate] (1855) : any of a large genus (Amoeba) of naked rhizopod protozoans with lobed and never anastomosing pseudopodia, without permanent organelles or supporting structures, and of wide distribution in fresh and salt water and moist terrestrial environments ; broadly: a naked rhizopod or other amoeboid protozoan 

Or so says the  Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

I am emotionally distressed after having to deal with the three jobs from the last shift because an AMOEBA can take care of itself better than these individuals.
Congratulations to these three because you managed to wear away my compassion.
Lucky I was driving.

See you at the big One. Taz

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