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09 January 2012

Rockin' with work Yeah!!!!!!!

There's even a couple of UTL's that I didn't include, I'm lovin' it.
I don't come to work to sleep, sit on my arse and watch TV or to post status updates I come to work.

43M - Worried about his current state of metal health due to his amphetamine and opiate use. Thing is the hospital he's requesting say he's been there today already requesting admission to the psych ward and they didn't believe it was appropriate and us bringing him in doesn't change that.
Now I have an interest in the working of mental health pts, I've had a family member suffer with issues that I didn't recognise (because I wasn't a Paramedic back then) and I as a general get on well with my pts with mental health issues but there are those who desire the bed and board with three square meals and no worries that an institution can provide and this was one of those occasions.
?30M - IP, his mates had left him on a bus stop seat to go over the road and get some pies and travellers (cans of beer) before heading home. He rolls off and dozes off on the footpath, some good samaritans find him and call, I'm happy with this if he is really needing our help to protect him but when we arrive there's a verbal going on between his mates and the samaritans who are attempting to detain him unlawfully and even with my arrival and instructions fail to see the bigger picture and start having a go at me for failing in my duty of care which gets my hackles up. While my professional conduct is being questioned by the also intoxicated once good samaritans the boys bugger off with their mate, the pies and some travellers!
31M - Walking at a public outdoor event in thongs and sustains a cut foot. It will need stitches and maybe a cement suppository to help him toughen up a little.
27F - Pulling, burning pain in her auxillar/clavicle region. No Hx, all obs good, recent post op infection after cosmetic surgery in the Philippines? She stayed at home and self managed after a talk.
?20F - IP, a passing good samaritan called it in without talking to her girlfriends who weren't pissed and were waiting for her to stop puking before walking her home. Left in their care.
19M - Drunk, had a few tokes on a spliff! It didn't matter how tight he held onto the grass, the world wouldn't stop moving and yes I'm talking from experience. I was a herbologist back in the day! After clearing up that it was just a couple of drags on a joint and not multiple cones and the authenticity and value of his friends and a discussion with the pt himself the world would stop within an hour and he was in safe hands with his friends and to call us back if it changed.
?20M - Sleeping in the gutter, Cops had moved him on by the time we arrived.
20F - Pseudo fainting for attention. Using my Father voice I quickly altered her perception of that kind of behaviour. Services not Required.
19F - IP, hysterical and crying. Wailing about who had done this to her. Talking to the G/F, they had been getting dressed at their own places before meeting at a train station and travelling in for a night at the clubs. As you do they had been loading up with alcohol because it's cheaper at home than in the clubs and seeing as they hadn't even made it to their first club, Missy may have done it to herself. Her very good G/F stayed with her at the ED while she slept and sobered up.
18F - Got in between two boys being dicks and fighting and copped a few blows I think the fact that she knew them both and while I'd tag the whole group as EMOS even drunk they can still be dicks and she expected them to stop just because she was in the middle, there were no injures and maybe she learnt something?
36M - In Police holding dock, has smacked his head against the wall and caused injury. It was from frustration with himself and landing here rather than some self harm issue. We talked, I cleaned the wound and dressed it and left them a copy of the paperwork.

See a busy shift, I'm sorry about the rambling extras but as part of my agreement with management to stop any misunderstanding of what I write I can;t leave it as simple one liners I have to flesh it out.

See you at the big One.


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