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05 January 2012

Transport 3 out of 8 jobs

The others just didn't need an emergency department so other options were explored.

92F - Got her toe stuck between the wheels on her rolling frame. Police got there and released her with no broken skin or other trauma they called us to assess and the feisty old devil told me off good and proper for thinking she needed an ambulance.
34M - Reflux after two days knocking the beers back with the boys on a sporting weekend. One of them had some antacids that did the trick.
8M - Vaso Vagal response to an IMI vaccination. Left with Mum.
84F - Decreased mobility, her LMO had booked this transport so we did it.
39F - Anxiety episode, not the stroke or AMI she had worked herself into thinking she was having. Calm reassurance.
80M - Septic from a UTI. He had to go to hospital yes!
66F - Another assessment for the Police and again left at home.
3/52F - Mum thought she had stopped breathing. Transport more for her sake.

See you at the big One.


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