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12 January 2012

Ordered the new bike

To reward myself for giving up the smokes I put up the idea of a new bicycle.

I cycle to work. I always cycle to work unless I think that the weather is that bad that it may actually lead to my death or serious injury.
Some say I'm a little hardcore with my riding!

We've only been off them a little over two months but neither Ambowife or myself have had any difficulty even with the festive season and alcohol being one of the usual slip ups that catch out people trying to quit.

There's a 1/4 pack of Tobacco, 3 pks of rollin' papers, a Perterson pipe and two personalised Zippo lighters in the draw beside me but I have had no desire in the least to even look at them. At some stage I guess I'll throw away all but the lighters.

So I went for a ride today and found myself 20km away at my bike shop. A sage like wisdom I heard recently was to not ride a good bike to work as the dirt, grime and weather would greatly increase the wear of the high spec components. To this end I intend to keep my Trek 7100 hybrid as my work vehicle as it has panniers and is worn but runs well.
I took two bikes for test rides and returned grinning like an idiot with the difference from my ol' girl to both of these, like an old utility compared to a race car. I settled on the model between the two I test rode, a Trek Madone 4.5 this is the colour I selected also.
I also got peddles to suit my shoes, bike computer with heart monitor, speed and cadence and lights. I'll pick it up next week when I drop the 7100 off for it's 6 month service and then ride it home.

See you at the big One.


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