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02 January 2012

A bit of that!

48F - Had stacked up some modular furniture to access a high cupboard and it collapsed and she landed on her ribs.
29F - Tourist who had a few too many drinks and was ill in their hotel room. Had asked reception to call a Dr, security attended the room and correctly decided that we were a better option. Safe with her husband, GCS = 15, had vomited everything up, some anti-emetic IMI and instructions about small slow sips of water to re-hydrate along with call us back if your worried and we were out of there!
60F - Tripped in her apartment and put two teeth through her bottom lip. Not completely through but would need a stitch or two.
70M - COPD with increasing SOB.
18F - IP and Hysterical. Once you got rid of the sycophant's and made her realise that there was no more hand patting, cuddles and sympathy the whole attention seeking emotional rubbish disappeared. Allowed to leave with a stable responsible person.
44M - Palpitations, no drugs or alcohol or stimulants and a previous cardiac Hx, we transported.
??M - Opiate OD, confirmed by a positive reaction to Naloxone but what the hell I must look like a dumb arse because he's one of those that keeps denying opiate use. Anyway he's up and abusing me so he'll live, today anyway.
A member of a demographic that is grossly over represented in our criminal justice system, naked in the charge cells post arrest during an alleged B& E and attacking Police with an edged weapon (tomahawk). He is naked because he urinated in the back of the cage truck, on Police at the station, in the cell and over himself. He to can see a Dumb Arse neon sign on me as he launches a diatribe of tripe about his current situation.
Yes he is currently under the influence of drugs,
Is he in danger of his heart stopping? No it's regular and normal pace.
Is he in danger of stopping breathing? No clear and equal entry and being used very well.
Is he likely to suffer cerebral issues from the drug use? That started years ago and would not be effected by transport to a hospital that is not designed to hold him.
Would he benefit from more drugs at the hospital? No it would just be convenient for the hospital and the members of the public who would be exposed to him.
Where do I think is a suitable place for him right now? Where he is. As the effects of the drugs wear off he will return to normal behaviour or what is normal for him anyway and while this means that the poor cops have to listen to him he is a clear and present danger to society if removed from the cells.
He never asked for hospital and I never offered, lucky for me.

See you at the big One.


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