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Oh, there you are!

23 January 2012

I don't know where my partner is!

Why should she tell me if she's not coming in?
Enough bleating about that, I had the pleasure of a level 2 from a nearby station.

67M - Severe abdo pain, rigid and distended, all motions normal it took 15mg of Morphine just to get him out of the house.
82F - Had bumped her head and though someone should look at it. I did and had a lovely talk about stuff and then she went home.
27F - Upset tummy and a faint at work.
52M - COPD, doesn't like his puffer's wants NEBs.
21mthM - Been sick and had a turn at the playground. Maybe he should have stayed at home a bit longer.
85F - #R NOF.

See you at the big One.


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