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20 January 2012

Sunburnt and Saddle sore.

Took the daily commute bike to the shop for a service and collected the new road bike to ride home.
I asked the guys at the shop for the availability of bike paths to ride home a different direction but while it seemed clear in the shop on the road it was a different matter.

The 19km it is from home to the shop was 37km riding home and then it was cut short by an emergency call from our media unit asking if I was a available for a Traffic Offenders presentation tonight with only three hours before I had to be there.

As you would expect the new bike is fantastic to ride Trek do put a complete package together. There are some complaints from muscles from the slightly different riding position but I did a recovery ride today and pulled up well.

Here are the first photo's of the new Madone 4.5

Yes I am proud of my new bike and of course all that it represents me giving up the smokes.

On a personal note to a fellow EMT/Reader,

Lauren lovely to hear from you I thought things may have got worse for you when you hadn't posted for so long, keep strong and hang in there Sweetie.

See you at the big One.


1 comment:

Lauren said...

Your so sweet!!! Thank you. Nice looking bike been riding a bit myself and umm well, i can relate to the saddle sore part ;-)