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Oh, there you are!

26 January 2012

Three got a ride out of nine jobs!

It's not that I'm becoming more cynical ( which I might be ) but just the mix of work.

32M - Choking, nope if you eat a block of concentrate cooking chocolate and wash it down with 2 litres of Coke you will likely vomit but your not choking! Clean yourself up get your anxiety under control and go see a councillor if you need to talk out your issues.
54M - IP, I know this address yes he's a drunk but a well managed one but he has sticky beak neighbours who ring us about him. I knocked on his door and he was alive and sinking well into his wine cask not wanting me.
85F - Near Pre Syncope, totally asymptomatic when I arrived and left at home to go to bed.
47F - An Assault of a serious nature transported with police escort.
47M - International businessman who has just had too many flights this week and developed sciatic nerve pain. He flies out again in 12hrs and from me he just needs something to help him get to sleep. Some simple over the counter paracetamol will help.
40M - Self presented at Cop Shop to report his wallet stolen but found it in his backpack. Officers thought he was behaving odd? Well yes he was but that doesn't make him crazy! Odd or Eccentric behaviour can be normal for some people.
54F - With Gastro, really needed reassurance that she and her husband could manage this from home and if it doesn't begin to clear in 12hrs then go and see her own Dr.
41F - Who was that pissed she didn't know she didn't have any pants on or how she injured her foot. Better take her in to her fully checked out.
81M - From the hospital to the nursing home after treatment. 

See you at the big One.


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