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Oh, there you are!

26 January 2012

A mixed bag this lot!

85M - Thinks he's broken his hip in his sleep? No talking him out of it even as he stands and walks out of his apartment, he wants to go to hospital.
31M - To many drugs and not enough energy to walk until we mention Naloxone!!!!! The see 'em scuttle.
41M - PR haemorrhage.
83F - Pre syncope.
32F - Calf injury while playing mixed netball, Achilles Tendon.
70F - Good ol' country girl who had a trip, landed on one knee and drew a bit of blood. Didn't know why and ambulance got called co we cleaned it up and let her continue her walk around the big smoke before they left to go home.
50M - Got his first delivery of Erectile Dysfunction meds today and the first one didn't work so he took the other four 'Fresh Breath Strips' and now feels faint and can't walk upright!!!!
47F - Yes she has a slow and degenerative condition but we could see past all the crap she was feeding us to the simple fact she doesn't like where she has been forced to live by public housing.

See you at the big One.


1 comment:

Lauren said...

The old if 1 doesnt work take more trick also works for if 1 is good 4 is better!!