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Oh, there you are!

02 January 2012

A bit of this!

85F - Nausea and vertigo.
27M - Minor scalp wound, put a dressing on it before he legged it.
23M - I suspect an MDMA or Ecstasy overdose. Lip smacking, touchy and feely, pupils like dinner plates, not able to maintain eye contact, repetitive. Turned out to have outstanding warrants so the Cops took him anyway.
23F - MVC, restrained driver injures but shaken up after her first every car prang.
??M - OD that was really just pissed and the Cops took him home rather than us. Thanks Guys!
Operational standby at a structure fire while the Firies are inside.
35M - Claims to have been given PCP or Angel Dust and is feeling out of it and like he's hallucinating, no shit Sherlock that's what it does. He also doesn't recognise me but I do him, small time drug user who knew very well what he was taking but is looking for at least a waiting room or maybe even a hospital bed for the night and thinks I'm the quick ticket in. Fine I have to take in the pt who requests transport but there's no way your lying on the stretcher and I'll open the door to the waiting room myself for you.

See you at the big One. Taz

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