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Oh, there you are!

16 January 2012

A couple of sick pts.

That makes an ordinary day a little interesting.

52M - Abdo Pain. Didn't like the hospital we took him to, wouldn't sit in the waiting room said he couldn't but he was able to walk out and towards home so he must have got better.
20M - Second seizure today, last was about 4 yr ago and they were multiple events also.
39M - Sprained ankle.
66M - Abdo Pain.
39M - Psychotic and how, haven't seen one this bad for a while.
38M - Opiate OD, a really good response to O2 alone and his straight friend was going to take him home and monitor.
82M - Cognitive Impairment and even the pt was aware of it. Maybe Alzheimer's.
23F - Abdo pain maybe kidney stone.
74F - Bowel obstruction with a very distended belly.

See you at the big One.


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