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Oh, there you are!

29 January 2012

Nearing the end of the roster.

Meaning that I'll change partners from a peer to a trainee or Padawan!
Not a brand new one but I will be his second mentor and he has already spent this roster at our station so he is familiar with it's running and the area.
But that's after the three shifts still remaining after tonight's!

42M - In the charge cells, struggling to stay awake due to the drugs in his system. We are required to Tx to the hospital because the cells are deemed not suitable for him in this state, Police don't have medical training. So we are forced to waste Police (he's remaining in custody), Ambulance and Hospital resources.
??M - Kicked out of his lodgings (it was a death trap anyway) and wants us to give him a lift to the new place he'll be staying at and when I refuse demands that we Tx to a hospital in that direction because we have to and frankly I don't care if management do read this I refuse in several different languages and styles to ensure he understood my meaning. I've heard the stories from other Paramedics but I've never experienced so acutely the 'taxi' mentality.
15M - Had received a head injury, been Tx, absconded before the x-rays were read and the Police became involved because they indicated that he may have a skull #. He's located miles away where the assault took place and it required handcuffs and a Police escort to get this little shit back to hospital. The general public have no idea about the verbal abuse projected to our Police firstly and then us. He's drunk as well as having a possible closed head injury but I don't think his attitude improves much with sobriety.
68M - COPD with possible early onset chest infection.
45M - Sounds like a drug deal gone wrong, a machete blow to the lower leg. Proximal Tibia, there isn't any flesh there just skin, minimal haemorrhage so it's field dressed and off we go. The later x-ray confirmed it to be something heavy like a machete when you saw the bone opened up where the leading edge dug in.
69M - Constipated, not really after Tx just our opinion re Rx and medications. Left at home.
21M - Alleged assault victim with no visable injury but had a few vomits which we think were more caused by the litres he admitted to drinking of vodka and Redbulls! He left the waiting room when no-one sat there and held his hand and said 'there, there,'.
30M - GHB OD, standard stuff.
84F - Leukaemia in pain.

See you at the big One.


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