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Oh, there you are!

03 January 2012


I have a dislike for the eleven month of the year.
A month when clean shaven males try to connect with their rustic hirsute cousins.


I have had a moustache since I was about 15yr old, I have shaved it off for special events, parties etc but only for the night and regrowth has started straight away.

While the concept of Movember is to be commended I seem to spend the beginning of the month telling people that this is my normal facial hair and the later half declaring that I will not be shaving it of for the same reason!

While I am not currently a member of the The Handlebar Club  I offer the following pictures to encourage any hairless lips who may have thought of joining the stiff upper lip set!

Wax off the Moustache

Wax on and Curled

Wax on and Straight

See you at the big One.


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