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Oh, there you are!

02 January 2012

And how did you ring in the New Year?

You know what I was doing!
Special Event Coverage at one of main Firework sites.
What was the work like?
Well for the first five hours it was,
There are Porta Toilets over there and down there
The nearest supermarket is down there past MacDonalds
The first show is at 9PM and the main show is at midnight
The buses are two blocks up and one block over
The St Johns Ambulance tent has bandaids!

1st transport Abdo pain post eating processed fast food.
2nd Job Anxiety attack, really, in the middle of 500,000, people transported to a bus stop to go home.
There after it was pretty much alcohol related.

My pick of the night was the humbling moment when someone approached and asked if I was Taz the Ambo, I was sprung by a reader of the blog.
I'm used to being asked if that was me on the reality beach program but this blog is not advertised there are 30 readers who have put their names at least on the readers list but this was just a random act amongst a huge crowd and what was really amazing this reader has found my ramblings interesting enough that he has applied to join the ambulance service. Don't forget to keep me informed on your progress either via .
This is a very rare and special moment for an author when your words have inspired someone's actions in such a positive way.

We worked through the night to the morning sun and finished a nearly 15hr shift

See you at the big One.



InsomniacMedic said...

Nice one Taz. That really is a humbling moment... Well done and happy new year!

Lauren said...

Thats awesome! Good work!